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A recommended starting point is the court's own publication: Representing Yourself in Federal Court: A Handbook for Pro Se Litigants, which can be downloaded here or is available free of charge from the Clerk's Office: Representing Yourself in Federal Court: A Handbook for Pro Se Litigants (2015)(.pdf) Translations: Due to budget considerations and the determination that offering translations of the Pro Se Handbook in other languages without the provision of additional services not currently available (such as interpreters) does not significantly improve access to courts for individuals who are unable to communicate in English, there are currently no plans to translate the current edition of the Pro Se Handbook. We continue to offer translations of the 2006 edition of the handbook in Spanish and Mandarin Chinese:

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The ACLU does not currently help parents involved in CPS disputes.  There has not been enough coverage.  To request legal action on behalf of millions of Americans who have been denied our Civil Liberties:  File your Complaint with the American Civil Liberties Union today!  125 Broad Street, 18th Floor, New York NY 10004 or call 212-549-2500.

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Supreme Court of Appeals Pro Se

If you believe that the judgement of the Family Court was in error, Jurisdiction-ally speaking, you have the right to file an appeal.  Ask your lawyer to file a request for appeal. You will have 30-60 days, depending on your state's laws, to file an appeal from the date of the last decision.  If you do not file a request for appeal within this time, you will have to file civil action in the Supreme Court.

The Court of Appeals typically only makes decisions if there is a error in the judge's execution of state law.

If you feel that your civil rights were violated, begin the process of filing civil claims in your State Supreme Court.

To All Parents:

Here is a form you can file as complaint/damages claim on state workers and their supervisors for misappropriation of state funds. The workers involved in malicious prosecution on cases where the state seeks to terminate parental rights on false allegations, proceeding cases without merit. The state can fraudulently obtain federal funds for these children placed in state custody, or obtain funds through administrative child support orders from working families. Actions of malicious prosecution , denial of due process parents provide the name of the state office, provide the name of the case worker , provide the name of the workers supervisor. Include the details of the case the court case the location ,the allegations , provide the detail that the child and or children were removed before allegations were ruled substantiated or unsubstantiated. Civil right violations of due process, Obstruction of justice by state official. Misuse of state official authority, court and state records, state official intent to defraud the federal government. When you have completed your complaint, send it to your state and U.S. Senators, Atty. General, the County Board of Directors, and the Department of Justice. We are compiling addresses at the State by State Reform Project.  Be sure to edit for your case:

To Whom it May Concern.

I ____________________ am writing this letter to request a formal investigation for criminal activity by the following state agency being______________________. The state worker name(s) involved in said criminal activity is ______________________. That individuals supervisor through said agency of ___________________, located at the address off __________________ in the state of __________________, in the county of _____________, supervisor name being ,__________________. The laws and criminal activity involved is of the following starting with Misappropriation of state funds of the state of ____________. Funds being misappropriated by this worker are fund applied to court cost in the following court case / cases being _________________, held at the following court ______________, at the address of ______________, in the state of ________________. I, the parent of ______________, have / have not been accused of neglect, abuse , child endangerment. There has / hasn't been any rulings on said allegations so by proceeding with said case this is Misappropriation of state and county resources being the local justice system. and courts. This also is clear violation of civil rights in the area of Malicious prosecution occurring in the court of _____________ with the case being ______________________. The following is the name of the judge or judges involved in the case ____________. The attorneys involved in the case are_________________ for the defendant being the parents of _______________ and the parents name are ____________ and ____________. The attorneys for the plaintiffs being _________________ and the plaintiffs in the case are ____________. Again the criminal activity is Misappropriation of state funds by state workers accused, Misappropriation of state resources being the courts , Civil right violation by case workers being Malicious prosecution, False pretense in court case, Misappropriation of Federal funds obtained for child involved in said allegations , intent to defraud the federal government by illegal placement of child in state custody and other civil right violations: Denial of due process in court case involving said state worker and other civil rights violations.

I respectfully request that you order a formal investigation of criminal activity by the aforementioned department/agency and individuals; namely of Misappropriation of state and federal funds, fraud, and violation of my child(ren)'s and my civil rights.

For complaints on civil right violations:  this same form may be used but sent it to this address for civil right violations, request of investigation:

Assistant Attorney General
Civil Rights Division
Criminal Section
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, Northwest
Washington, DC 20530

HHS Chief Financial Officers and Services Contacts
HHS Heads of Contracting Activity and Key Managers
HHS Operating and Staff Division Grant Officials

Mailing Address and Phone Information:
Department of Health and Human Services
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Financial Resources
Room 514-G, Hubert H. Humphrey Building
200 Independence Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20201
Telephone: 202-690-639